About the PSC

The Missouri Public Service Commission regulates investor-owned electric, natural gas, steam, water and sewer utilities in Missouri.  The Commission also has limited jurisdiction over telecommunications providers in the state.  In addition, the Commission regulates the operational safety of the state’s rural electric cooperatives and municipally owned natural gas utilities. The Commission also regulates manufacturers and dealers of manufactured homes and modular units, and enforces initial home or unit installation. The Commission was established in 1913. There are five commissioners on the PSC. They are appointed by the governor with advice and consent of the Missouri Senate.

Vision Statement

Informed Consumers, Quality Utility Services, and a Dedicated Organization for Missourians in the 21st Century

Mission Statement

We will:

  • ensure that Missourians receive safe and reliable utility services at just, reasonable and affordable rates;
  • support economic development through either traditional rate of return regulation or competition, as required by law;
  • establish standards so that competition will maintain or improve the quality of services provided to Missourians;
  • provide the public the information they need to make educated utility choices;
  • provide an efficient regulatory process that is responsive to all parties, and perform our duties ethically and professionally.

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