Missouri Public Service Commission Open Records Policy

Sunshine Requests

It is the policy of the Missouri Public Service Commission (Commission) to comply with the Missouri Open Records or “Sunshine Law" as set forth in Chapter 610 RSMo. 2016, as supplemented.  The Commission recognizes that the public policy of the State of Missouri established in section 610.011 provides that all meetings, records, votes, actions, and deliberations of public governmental bodies shall be open to the public and that the Sunshine Law shall be liberally construed to promote this public policy. 
This policy is adopted by the Commission pursuant to section 610.028.2 RSMo. 2016, as supplemented. The Secretary of the Commission is the custodian of records as required by section 610.023.  The Commission hereby adopts and implements this Open Records Policy to respond to requests for access to public records.  This policy and procedure repeals and replaces all earlier policies and procedures.

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