PSC Divisions

Administration Division---Loyd Wilson, Director

The Administration Division is responsible for managing the Commission’s human, fiscal and technical resources. The division has agency wide responsibilities with departments that are responsible for the annual budget, fiscal services and procurement, human resources and payroll. The human resources office includes a position dedicated to training, education and recruiting diverse and qualified job applicants.

The Public Policy and Outreach Department develops and distributes information to the media on agency activities, responds to media requests, and provides utility consumers with educational materials. The division’s Legislative Director works closely with the General Assembly and utility representatives in addition to assisting with constituent inquiries. The Information Services Department is responsible for supporting all information technology aspects of the Commission, which requires customized applications, specialized equipment and the highest levels of data security.

The division also houses the Consumer Services Department, which serves as a clearinghouse for all utility consumer inquiries. Consumer Services investigates and responds to informal complaints to ensure compliance with Commission rules and utility tariffs. When a consumer has an issue that is not satisfactorily resolved after an initial contact with the utility, the consumer may call the Commission’s consumer hotline (1-800-392-4211) for assistance.

Financial and Business Analysis Division---Kim Bolin, Director

The Financial and Business Analysis Division consists of four departments: Auditing, Financial Analysis, Customer Experience and Procurement Analysis. This division provides expertise to the Commission in the areas of utility accounting, auditing, engineering, finance, management, natural gas procurement, service quality and customer experience.

Staff members perform audits, examinations, analyses and reviews of the books and records of the utilities providing service in Missouri. The PSC Staff in this division express their conclusions and findings in the form of expert testimony and recommendations that are filed with the Commission. These departments are also responsible for investigating and responding to consumer complaints and making recommendations to the Commission regarding their resolution.

Industry Analysis Division---Jim Busch, Director

The Industry Analysis Division consists of seven departments: Energy Resources, Engineering Analysis, Manufactured Housing, Safety Engineering, Tariff/Rate Design, Telecommunications, and Water and Sewer. These departments support the Commission in meeting its statutory responsibilities by providing technical expertise in safety; utility rates, tariffs, rules and regulations; economic analysis; engineering oversight and investigations; and construction inspections. These departments accomplish their mission by making recommendations to the Commission in the form of expert testimony, formal recommendations and presentations.


Staff Counsel Division---Kevin Thompson, Director

The Staff Counsel Division represents the PSC Staff in all matters related to the regulation of Missouri investor-owned natural gas, electric, water, sewer, steam and telecommunications utilities as well as manufactured housing. Its primary duties include assisting and advising the PSC Staff in the preparation and filing of evidence in legal proceedings, and preparing and presenting legal arguments in appearances before the Commission.



General Counsel Division---Shelley Brueggemann, General Counsel

The General Counsel is authorized by statute to represent the Commission in all actions and proceedings, whether arising under the Public Service Commission Law or otherwise. Attorneys in the General Counsel’s Office appear in state and federal trial and appellate courts on behalf of the Commission. When authorized by the Commission, the General Counsel seeks civil penalties from persons or companies that have violated the Public Service Commission Law or the Commission’s regulations or orders. The External Litigation Department manages and processes these cases. The General Counsel also provides legal advice to the Commission and each Commissioner as requested. The Regulatory Analysis Department, within the General Counsel’s Division, represents the Commission’s interests in various forums related to federal energy issues, including providing assistance in cases before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and also provides analysis on policy and other issues facing the Commission.

The Adjudication Department is the Commission's quasi-judicial component and is part of the General Counsel Division. Regulatory law judges within the Adjudication Department handle cases from their filing until their resolution. The judge assigned to a case presides over any hearing, rules on objections and motions, and drafts orders as directed or delegated by the Commission. 

Secretary of the Commission---Nancy Dippell, Chief Regulatory Law Judge 

The Secretary of the Commission is statutorily responsible for the records of the Commission and, acting through the Data Center, manages, maintains and preserves the official case files, tariffs and other official documents of the Commission. The Secretary, again acting through the Data Center, receives all incoming pleadings and issues all Commission orders. 

The Chief Regulatory Law Judge oversees the operations of the Adjudication Department.

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