Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) Information

Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) is a term used by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to identify any company eligible to receive federal universal service funding from the high-cost program and / or Lifeline program. A company must apply for ETC status on a state-specific basis by demonstrating the company meets qualifying criteria and will comply with program requirements. The following links provide forms and information regarding ETC filings, Lifeline and Disabled program enrollment and support amounts. 


Missouri USF support amounts for Lifeline and Disabled Programs

Orders issued in Case No. TO-2019-0346 increase the monthly Missouri USF support amount for Disabled and Lifeline Subscribers. These new support amounts are effective December 13, 2019. Order Increasing Monthly Support Rate  Clarification Order


As soon as practical, but not later than February 1, 2020 providers must implement the following support amounts:

  • $24.00 for a Disabled program subscriber.
  • $16.75 for a Lifeline program subscriber with voice only service or voice service bundled with a non-qualifying broadband service.
  • $14.75 for a Lifeline program subscriber with voice service bundled with qualifying broadband service. 

Missouri USF support is not offered for a broadband-only service but qualifying broadband service refers to a broadband speed of at least 20 Mbps (down)/ 3 Mbps (up) or meets the exception identified in FCC rule 54.408(d).  The total amount of MoUSF support and federal support shall not exceed the total of the company’s local service rate plus subscriber line charge.


Enrollment forms for Lifeline and Disabled Programs
Lifeline program 
Lifeline Enrollment Form Per FCC Public Notice DA 18-161, by July, 1, 2018, all Lifeline service providers are required to use the FCCs universal Lifeline enrollment form.
Lifeline Program Household Worksheet
More information on the universal forms can be found on USAC's website.


Effective March 5, 2019 lifeline service providers in Missouri must use the National Verifier to check the eligibility of all Lifeline applicants before enrolling them in the program. More information about the National Verifier can be found on USAC's National Verifier Page.

Disabled program

Sample Disabled Program Enrollment Form ($24.00 Support)


ETC Annual Filing (Form 481) - Must be filed by all companies who have obtained ETC status from the PSC, including wireless ETCs by July 1. Form / Instructions

Annual verification of a Lifeline subscriber’s continued eligibility (Form 555) - Must be filed by all companies who have obtained ETC status from the PSC, including wireless ETCs by January 31. Instructions
More information on Form 555 can be found on USAC’s website.

Other ETC Filings - If an ETC has any type of filing that does not pertain to Form 481 or Form 555, then the filing should be submitted as an ETC Informational Filing following these instructions.

Company Contacts - All ETCs must ensure company contact information with the PSC is current. View EFIS (Electronic Filing and Information System) for Company Contacts


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