Electronic Filing Information System (EFIS)

EFIS 2.0 is LIVE!
EFIS 2.0 is accessible by clicking the 'Access EFIS' button below.

To assist with the transition from legacy EFIS to EFIS 2.0, please refer to the linked documents below. Additionally, EFIS 2.0 contains numerous built-in help documents to guide users.
Getting Started Guide - New User Registration
Getting Started Guide - Existing User Registration
Getting Started Guide - Logging in to EFIS
Getting Started Guide - Two-Factor Authentication
Crosswalk - Legacy EFIS → EFIS 2.0  

EFIS 2.0 Demo Presentation Recordings - Presented by the Data Center August 23, 2023
Intro - Enhancements
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is the Missouri Public Service Commission's e-filing and document management system for Commission cases, complaints, inquiries, public comments, Commission agendas, tariffs, compliance filings, and more.

  • Browser Requirements -- Any modern web browser; EFIS is functional on mobile browsers.
  • Attachment Size -- Files must be uploaded individually or in batches. Each individual document upload or batch upload may not exceed 45 MB.
  • Attachment Format -- PDF documents are preferred and recommended. Zip files are not permitted.

EFIS - Main Menu

  • Login is not required to view most submissions.
  • Login is required to make submissions. 

EFIS Shortcuts

Search and view docket sheets and filings for Commission cases.
To search, input all or part of the case number and press the ‘enter’ key. 

Conduct custom searches for cases and case filings using various criteria such as dates, case number, company name, utility type, etc.

View utility company tariffs, which contain the rate schedules and rules and regulations of the companies.

Submit a comment regarding Commission cases or other matters regulated by the Commission.

EFIS Assistance & Support

For general questions and support, contact the Data Center
Phone:  573-751-7496
E-mail:  dcsupport@psc.mo.gov

For technical issues, contact the ISD Helpdesk
Phone:  866-365-0924 (toll-free) or 573-526-3648
E-mail:  helpdesk@psc.mo.gov

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