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Summer 2022 

  • Summer Home Energy Saving Tips    
  • 557 Area Code Coming to 314 Area Code Region    
  • Know what's below. Call 811 before you dig.
  • PSC Consumer Services 2021 Savings 

Winter 2021 

  • Cold Weather Rule   
  • 2021 Major Utility Legislation
  • Manufactured Housing and Modular Units Program 
  • Saving water can save your money

Summer 2021 

  • PSC's newest commissioner
  • 10-Digit local dialing 
  • PSC Consumer Services 2020 stats
  • 811 — Call before you dig

Winter 2020 

  • Winter Energy Savings Tips   
  • COVID-19 The PSC Response
  • Get information and submit comments to the PSC 
  • HB 2120 Changes to Natural Gas ISRS

Summer 2020 

  • PSC Chairman Silvey's 811 message
  • Preparing for natural disasters and emergencies
  • 2•1•1 Referral service for assistance 
  • PSC Consumer Services making a difference
  • PSC's newest commissioner

    Winter 2019 
  • PSC on the move
  • Dangers of carbon monoxide  
  • EV charging stations in Missouri
  • A guide to local public hearings

    Summer 2019
  • Hot Weather Law
  • Saving water can make a difference on your bill
  • Know what's below - call before you dig
  • Summer Home Energy Saving Tips

    Winter 2018
  • Winter Energy Savings Tips
  • Cold Weather Rule
  • What to do if you smell natural gas
  • The dangers of carbon monoxide


Spring 2018

  • Different types of Distributed Energy Resources.
  • PSC modifies rules for small utility rate cases.

Fall 2017

  • Emerging Issues: PSC takes active approach.
  • Office of the Public Counsel - the consumer advocate.

Spring 2017

  • Where does my power come from?
  • Keeping your utility services safe & secure.

Fall 2016

  • Programs to help Missourians stay warm in the winter.
  • Low income assistance home weatherization program.

Spring 2016

  • PSC natural gas safety staff in the field.
  • Consumer Services Unit celebrates 40 years of service.

Summer 2015

  • The role and responsibilities of the PSC Water and Sewer Department.
  • Preserving PSC records.

 Fall 2014

  • Setting utility rates — PSC Staff audits.
  • Quality of service issues are examined in a rate case.

Fall 2013 

  • No cost and low cost energy savings tips.
  • PSC role in the manufactured housing industry.

April 2013

  • Special edition celebrating the PSC’s 100 years of service to
    the state.

December 2012

  • Cybersecurity: Guarding against threats to utilities.
  • Energy efficiency through demand-side programs in Missouri.

June 2012 

  • Examining smart grid technology.
  • How the PSC sets utility rates.
  • What is the Fuel Adjustment Charge (FAC) on my bill?

November 2011

  • The City of Joplin works to recover from a devastating tornado.
  • Winter protections under the PSC Cold Weather Rule.

June 2011

  • A look at Missouri’s electric generation and types of power plants.
  • Budget Billing — a voluntary consumer option for paying utility bills.

Winter 2010-2011

  • A detailed look at the PSC’s pipeline safety rules.
  • Working to reduce customer outages caused by a storm.
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