Electronic Filing / EFIS

Electronic Filing and Information System (EFIS) is the Missouri Public Service Commission's repository for all filings, complaints, inquiries, agendas and comments.

It is the sole responsibility of the person or entity submitting a "public" version of the electronic document file(s), not the Missouri Public Service Commission (MoPSC), to take appropriate measures to ensure that any embedded "proprietary" and "highly confidential" information is non-viewable, non-searchable and non-reversible. By filing a "public" version in electronic form, the filer affirmatively acknowledges that any hidden embedded "proprietary" and "highly confidential" information is, to the best of his or her knowledge, information and belief, non-viewable, non-searchable and non-reversible.

The Electronic Filing and Information System (EFIS) of the MoPSC cannot verify the content, quality or format of the electronic file(s) submitted. Files submitted using EFIS cannot be larger than 20MB. To submit file(s) larger than 20MB, please contact the EFIS Technical Helpdesk for assistance (see contact information below). It is the sole responsibility of the person or entity submitting the electronic file(s) to examine the stored version of the file(s) to ensure that the information content, document quality and format of the electronic document file(s) provides an accurate and complete representation of the printed copy of the information.

Browser Requirements

Any modern web browser; it will work on mobile browsers but the EFIS web application is not currently optimized for that platform.

Main Menu Section of EFIS -- For Filing/Submission

  • EFIS - This link will take you to the main menu section of EFIS.
The links below will take you directly to frequently used sections of EFIS. Log-in is only required when accessing Filing/Submission and/or Outage/Incident areas. The rest of the sections are open to the public.
  • EFIS Help - Help documentation for the different areas of EFIS.

View Information On A Specific Case -- No Log-In Required

If you know the number of the case you are interested in, please proceed to the Docket Sheet and click "enter" after typing in the case number. If you have questions about how to access case files, please refer to our fact sheet How To View PSC Case Files.

Look Up Information By The Filing Date -- No Log-In Required

If you do not know the exact case number, you can search for it by the date filed.

View Tariffs -- No Login Required

Information on file with the Commission which describes the rates and charges of a utility along with the rules and regulations of that company. View Tariff

Submit Public Comments

Make your voice heard in cases or on issues in front of the Commission by making a public comment.

Technical Assistance

For computer-related, technical issues, please contact the Computer Helpdesk by phone at:
866-365-0924 (toll-free) or 573-526-3648 (local to Jefferson City, MO)
or by email at: helpdesk@psc.mo.gov
For assistance with registration and/or filing or general usage questions, please contact the Data Center at:
573-751-7496 (local to Jefferson City, MO)
For general comments and assistance, please use the main phone number at:
573-751-3234 (local to Jefferson City, MO)
or by email at: pscinfo@psc.mo.gov
or by USPS at:
Governor Office Bldg, 200 Madison Street, PO Box 360, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0360
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