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11/08/2017 110817356 File No. EO-2017-0356 (In the Matter of KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company’s Cycle 2 Demand-Side Program Annual Report for 2017) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/08/2017.
11/07/2017 110717086 File No. ER-2018-0086 (The Empire District Electric Company’s Request for Authority to Implement Rate Adjustments Required by 4 CSR 240-20.090(4) and the Company’s Approved Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC)) and EO-2018-0087 (True Up of The Empire District Electric Company’s Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC)) – Notice Regarding Communication. Updated 11/07/2017.
11/07/2017 110717013 File No. GR-2018-0013 (Liberty Utilities (Midstates Natural Gas) Corp. d/b/a Liberty Utilities’ Tariff Revisions Designed to Implement a General Rate Increase for Natural Gas Service in the Missouri Service Areas of the Company) – Notice Of Ruling Made At Procedural Conference Establishing Test Year. Updated 11/07/2017.
11/07/2017 110717207 File No. WC-2017-0207 (Michael Brower, Complainant v. Branson Cedars Resort Utility Company, LLC, Respondent) – Notice Of Dismissal. Updated 11/07/2017.
11/06/2017 110617012 File No. EM-2018-0012 (Application of Great Plains Energy Incorporated for Approval of its Merger with Weststar Energy, Inc.) – Notice Regarding Motion To Intervene. Updated 11/06/2017.
11/06/2017 110617078 File No. TW-2017-0078 (Staff’s Review of the Commission’s Chapter 31 Rules) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/06/2017.
11/06/2017 110617098 File No. TW-2018-0098 (Staff’s Review of the Commission’s Chapter 28 Rules) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/06/2017.
11/06/2017 110617340 File No. WC-2015-0340 (The Office of the Public Counsel, Complainant, v. Fawn Lake Water Corp. and Rachel Hackman, Respondents) – Notice Of Dismissal. Updated 11/06/2017.
11/03/2017 110317120 File No. TX-2018-0120 (Revisions of The Commission’s Rules Regarding Telecommunications) – Notice Opening File. Updated 11/03/2017.
10/31/2017 103117334 File No. EX-2016-0334 (Proposed Amendments to the Missouri Public Service Commission’s Rules Relating to the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act) – Notice Closing File. Updated 10/31/2017.
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