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01/05/2017 010517120 File No. IO-2017-0120 (Application for Temporary Waiver of the 4 CSR 240-31.120(1)(A) State Lifeline Program Eligibility Criteria) – Notice Closing File. Updated 01/05/2017.
12/29/2016 122916095 Consolidated File Nos. WC-2017-0095 and SC-2017-0096 (Staff of the Missouri Public Service Commission, Complainant v. Missouri Utilities Company and Gary Cover, Respondents) – Notice Acknowledging Dismissal Of Complaint And Closing File. Updated 12/29/2016.
12/28/2016 122816334 File No. EX-2016-0334 (Proposed Amendments to the Missouri Public Service Commission’s Rules Relating to the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act) – Notice Of Rulemaking Hearing. Updated 12/28/2016.
12/16/2016 121616177 File No. IK-2017-0177 (Application of FairPoint Communications Missouri, Inc. d/b/a FairPoint Communications and Comcast Phone of Missouri, LLC d/b/a Comcast Digital Phone for Approval of an Interconnection Agreement) – Notice Of Deficiency. Updated 12/16/2016.
12/14/2016 121416176 File No. EO-2017-0176 (Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri’s Cost Allocation Manual (CAM)) – Notice Opening File. Updated 12/14/2016.
12/08/2016 120816165 File No. RA-2017-0165 (Application of Total Call Mobile, Inc. for Approval of Relinquishment Of Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Designation) – Notice Closing Case. Updated 12/08/2016.
12/01/2016 120116149 File No. ER-2017-0149 (Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri’s Electric Service Tariffs Adjustment Relating to MEEIA EEIC Rider) – Notice Regarding Filing Of Staff Recommendation. Updated 12/01/2016.
11/30/2016 113016128 File No. AX-2017-0128 (Proposed Amendments to the Commission’s Ex Parte and Extra-Record Communications Rule) – Notice Of Rulemaking Hearing. Updated 11/30/2016.
11/29/2016 112916267 File No. WR-2016-0267 (Rate Increase for Rex Deffenderfer Enterprises Incorporated d/b/a RDE Water Company) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/29/2016.
11/23/2016 112316263 File No. GX-2016-0263 (Proposed Amendment of the Commission’s Rules Relating to Natural Gas Safety) – Notice Of Rulemaking Hearing. Updated 11/23/2016.
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