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08/11/2017 081117130 Consolidated File Nos. SR-2017-0130 and WR-2017-0131 (Request for an Increase in Annual Sewer and Water Operating Revenues for Gladlo Water & Sewer Company, Inc.) – Notice Closing Case. Updated 08/11/2017.
08/11/2017 081117128 File No. AX-2017-0128 (Proposed Amendments to the Commission’s Ex Parte and Extra-Record Communications Rule) – Notice Closing File. Updated 08/11/2017.
08/11/2017 081117229 File No. EO-2017-0229 (2017 Integrated Resource Plan Annual Update for Kansas City Power & Light Company) and File No. EO-2017-0230 (2017 Integrated Resource Plan Annual Update for KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company) – Notice Closing File. Updated 08/11/2017.
08/11/2017 081117246 File No. ET-2016-0246 (Application of Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri for Approval of a Tariff Setting a Rate for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations) – Notice Closing File. Updated 08/11/2017.
08/11/2017 081117263 File No. GX-2016-0263 (Proposed Amendment of the Commission’s Rules Relating to Natural Gas Safety) – Notice Closing File. Updated 08/11/2017.
08/10/2017 081017285 File No. WR-2017-0285 and SR-2017-0286 (Missouri-American Water Company’s Request for Authority to Implement General Rate Increase for Water and Sewer Service Provided in Missouri Service Areas) – Notice Of Order Granting Applications To Intervene. Updated 08/10/2017.
08/04/2017 080417358 File No. EA-2016-0358 (Application of Grain Belt Express Clean Line LLC for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Authorizing it to Construct, Own, Operate, Control, Manage and Maintain a High Voltage, Direct Current Transmission Line and an Associated Converter Station Providing an Interconnection on the Maywood-Montgomery 345kV Transmission Line) – Supplemental Notice Regarding List Of Exhibits. Updated 08/04/2017.
08/03/2017 080317007 File No. KA-2018-0007 (Notice of Transfer of Video Service Authority from Galva Cable Company, LLC to Skitter, Inc.) – Notice Acknowledging Transfer. Updated 08/03/2017.
07/31/2017 073117068 File No. AX-2017-0068 (Proposed Amendments to 4 CSR 240-2.135, Confidential Information) – Notice Closing File. Updated 07/31/2017.
07/28/2017 072817153 File No. EX-2017-0153 (Proposed Rulemaking to Amend Commission Rule 4 CSR 240-18.010) – Notice Of Rulemaking Hearing. Updated 07/28/2017.
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