This is a listing of orders issued by the Commission on and after 11/29/2016. Session orders issued at Agenda Sessions before that date are listed as "Orders", but are not separately identified as "Session Orders".
Beginning Date (mm/dd/yyyy):
End Date (mm/dd/yyyy):
DateFileSession OrderDescription
06/18/2018 061818108 File No. EE-2018-0108 (Verified Joint Application of Kansas City Power & Light Company and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company for a Variance from the Commission's Affiliate Transactions Rule 4 CSR 240-20.015) - Order Providing Notice, Establishing Intervention Deadline, and Scheduling Procedural Conference. Updated 06/22/18.
06/18/2018 061818236 File No. MC-2018-0236 (The Director of the Manufactured Homes and Modular Units Program of the Missouri Public Service Commission, Complainant, v. Michael Goodwin, Respondent) – Order Setting Prehearing Conference. Updated 06/22/18.
06/18/2018 061818350 File No. RD-2018-0350 (Cancellation of the Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Status of Surety Wireless) – Order Permitting Relinquishment of Designation as ETC. Updated 06/22/18.
06/18/2018 061818222 File Nos. WA-2018-0222 and SA-2018-0223 (Missouri-American Water Company for Certificates of Convenience and Necessity Authorizing it to Install, Own, Acquire, Construct, Operate, Control, Manage and Maintain Water and Sewer Systems in and around the City of Lawson, Missouri) – Order Granting Request for Additional Time to Respond. Updated 06/22/18.
06/15/2018 061518376 File No. EC-2018-0376 (Stella Lucy, Complainant, v. Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri, Respondent) - Order Giving Notice of Contested Case and Directing Answer. Updated 06/22/18.
06/15/2018 061518377 File NO. GC-2018-0377 (Imri Meiron, Complainant, v. Spire Missouri, Inc. d/b/a Spire, Respondent) - Notice of Small Formal Complaint and Order Directing Staff to Investigate and File a Report. Updated 06/22/18.
06/15/2018 061518081 File No. GO-2017-0081 (Investigation into the Eligibility of Expenses Recovered through the Infrastructure System Replacement Surcharge) – Order Closing Case. Updated 06/22/18.
06/14/2018 061418179 File No. AO-2018-0179 (Application of The Empire District Electric Company, The Empire District Gas Company, Liberty Utilities (Midstates Natural Gas) Corp., and Liberty Utilities (Missouri Water) LLC for an Affiliate Transactions Rule Variance) - Order Directing Filing. Updated 06/22/18.
06/14/2018 061418023 File No. ER-2016-0023 (Empire District Electric Company's Request for Authority to Implement a General Rate Increase for Electric Service) - Order Closing Case. Updated 06/22/18.
06/14/2018 061418063 File No. ET-2018-0063 (Application of Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri for Approval of 2017 Green Tariff) – Order Scheduling an On-the-Record Proceeding Regarding a Stipulation and Agreement. Updated 06/22/18.
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