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07/26/2016 072616301 Consolidated File Nos. WR-2015-0301 and SR-2015-0302 (Missouri-American Water Company’s request for authorization to implement a general rate increase for water and sewer service provided in its Missouri service area) – Notice Of Deficiency And Order Directing Missouri-American To Comply. Updated 07/26/2016.
07/26/2016 072616156 File No. ER-2016-0156 (KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company’s tariff filing and request for authority to implement a general rate increase for electric service) – Order Granting Motion To Strike. Updated 07/26/2016.
07/26/2016 072616179 File No. ER-2016-0179 (Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri’s Tariffs to Increase Its Revenues for Electric Service) – Order Granting The Applications To Intervene Of Consumer Council Of Missouri, Missouri Industrial Energy Consumers, And Missouri Division Of Energy. Updated 07/26/2016.
07/26/2016 072616325 File No. ER-2016-0325 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s Demand Side Investment Rider Rate Adjustment And True-Up by 4 CSR 240-3.163(8)) – Order Directing Filing. Updated 07/26/2016.
07/25/2016 072516147 File No. GC-2015-0147 (Craig A. Smith, Complainant, v. Laclede Gas Company, Respondent) – Order Setting Deadline For Status Report. Updated 07/25/2016.
07/25/2016 072516348 File No. SC-2016-0348 (The Staff of the Missouri Public Service Commission v. TUK, LLC) – Order Granting Motion To Dismiss. Updated 07/25/2016.
07/25/2016 072516252 File No. WC-2016-0252 (The Office of Public Counsel, Complainant, v. Moore Bend Water Utility, LLC, Respondent) – Order Setting Deadline For Status Report. Updated 07/25/2016.
07/22/2016 072216022 File No. DA-2017-0022 (Application of Broadsmart Global, Inc. for Registration to Provide Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol Service) – Interconnected Voice Over Internet Protocol Registration. Updated 07/22/2016.
07/22/2016 072216190 File No. EA-2016-0190 (Application of Transource Missouri, LLC for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Authorizing it to Own, Operate, and Maintain the Switch Station Necessary for the Interconnection of the Osborn Wind Energy Center with the Sibley-Nebraska City Electric Transmission Project) – Order Directing Notice And Setting Intervention Deadline. Updated 07/22/2016.
07/22/2016 072216230 File No. EC-2016-0230 (James Dickson and Angela Dickson, Complainants, v. Kansas City Power & Light Company, Respondent) – Order Setting Pre-Hearing Conference. Updated 07/22/2016.
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