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12/01/2016 120116149 File No. ER-2017-0149 (Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri’s Electric Service Tariffs Adjustment Relating to MEEIA EEIC Rider) – Notice Regarding Filing Of Staff Recommendation. Updated 12/01/2016.
11/30/2016 113016128 File No. AX-2017-0128 (Proposed Amendments to the Commission’s Ex Parte and Extra-Record Communications Rule) – Notice Of Rulemaking Hearing. Updated 11/30/2016.
11/29/2016 112916267 File No. WR-2016-0267 (Rate Increase for Rex Deffenderfer Enterprises Incorporated d/b/a RDE Water Company) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/29/2016.
11/23/2016 112316263 File No. GX-2016-0263 (Proposed Amendment of the Commission’s Rules Relating to Natural Gas Safety) – Notice Of Rulemaking Hearing. Updated 11/23/2016.
11/22/2016 112216119 File No. EC-2017-0119 (Roland Hill, Complainant v. Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri, Respondent) – Notice Of Dismissal. Updated 11/22/2016.
11/22/2016 112216013 File No. GW-2016-0013 (Workshop Docket to Enhance Public Safety Responses to Gas Leaks and to Prevent Third-Party Damage to Gas Facilities) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/22/2016.
11/22/2016 112216258 File Nos. SR-2013-0258 and WR-2013-0259 (Request for Increases in Annual Sewer and Water System Operating Revenues for Gladlo Water & Sewer Company, Inc.) – Notice Closing Files. Updated 11/22/2016.
11/21/2016 112116068 File No. AX-2017-0068 (Proposed Amendments to 4 CSR 240-2.135, Confidential Information) – Notice Of Rulemaking Hearing. Updated 11/21/2016.
11/15/2016 111516324 File No. EM-2016-0324 (Great Plains Energy, Inc.’s Acquisition of Westar Energy, Inc., and Related Matters) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/15/2016.
11/14/2016 111416142 File No. EO-2012-0142 (Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri’s Filing to Implement Regulatory Changes in Furtherance of Energy Efficiency as Allowed by MEEIA) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/14/2016.
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