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05/25/2016 052516313 File No. EW-2016-0313 (Working Case to Consider Electric Utility Regulatory Reform) – Notice Opening File. Updated 05/25/2016.
05/25/2016 052516010 File No. GC-2016-0010 (Chantel R. Muhammad, Complainant, v. Laclede Gas Company, Respondent) – Notice Of Filing Date For More Definite And Certain Statement. Updated 05/25/2016.
05/24/2016 052416312 File No. AW-2016-0312 (Working Case Regarding Amendments to the Commission’s Ex Parte And Extra-Record Communications Rule) – Notice Opening File. Updated 05/24/2016.
05/23/2016 052316064 Consolidated File Nos. WR-2016-0064 and SR-2016-0065 (Hillcrest Utility Operating Company, Inc.’s request for authorization to increase water and sewer rates pursuant to the PSC small company rate increase procedures) – Notice Regarding List Of Evidentiary Hearing Exhibits. Updated 05/23/2016.
05/23/2016 052316210 File No. AW-2012-0210 (Working case to consider changes to the PSC’s ex parte and extra-record communications rule) – Notice Closing File. Updated 05/23/2016.
05/23/2016 052316023 File No. ER-2016-0023 (The Empire District Electric Company’s application for authorization to increase its rates for electric service) – Notice Of Call-In Number For Pre-Hearing Conference. Updated 05/23/2016.
05/23/2016 052316310 File No. LO-2016-0310 (Compliance Notice of Granite Telecommunications, LLC of the 2016 FCC USF/ICC Transformation Order/47 C.F.R. §51.911(c) Terminating Access Rate Reduction) – Notice Closing File. Updated 05/23/2016.
05/13/2016 051316130 File No. ER-2016-0130 (Tariff filing by Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, to adjust its Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC) for the 20th accumulation period) – Notice Closing File. Updated 05/13/2016.
05/13/2016 051316095 File No. GF-2016-0095 (Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, Inc.’s application for authority to amend its existing credit agreement and extend the term of outstanding secured indebtedness) – Notice Closing File. Updated 05/13/2016.
05/13/2016 051316210 File No. RA-2016-0210 (Tempo Telecom, LLC’s application for amendment to the PSC’s order granting designation as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC)) – Notice Closing File. Updated 05/13/2016.
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