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01/23/2015 012314263 File No. TC-2014-0263 (CenturyTel of Missouri, LLC, d/b/a CenturyLink, and Spectra Communications Group, LLC, d/b/a CenturyLink, Complainants, v. Sprint Communications Company, LP, Respondent) – Notice of Dismissal. Updated 1/27/2015.
01/22/2015 012215043 File No. EC-2015-0043 (Janice Shands, Complainant, v. Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, Respondent) – Notice Closing Case. Updated 1/23/2015.
01/21/2015 012115164 File No. EC-2015-0164 (Fred Sauer, Complainant, v. Missouri Public Service Commission and Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, Respondents) – Notice of Correction. Updated 1/23/2015.
01/21/2015 012113400 File No. GS-2013-0400 (Concerning an incident in the service territory of Southern Union Company, d/b/a Missouri Gas Energy at 910 W. 48th St., Kansas City, MO, on Feb. 19, 2013) – Notice Closing File. Updated 1/23/2015.
01/14/2015 011415161-2 File No. ET-2015-0161 (KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company’s application to discontinue certain demand-side management programs) – Notice of Correction. Updated 1/15/2015.
01/14/2015 011415065 File No. SA-2015-0065 (Missouri-American Water Company’s application for authority to construct, install, own, operate, and maintain a sewer system in Benton County, MO) – Notice of Ex Parte Contact. Updated 1/15/2015.
01/12/2015 011215160 File No. SW-2015-0160 (PSC working file to consider Central Rivers Wastewater Utility, Inc.’s STEP and STEG installations) – Notice Opening File. Updated 1/15/2015.
01/09/2015 010914138 Updated Consolidated File No. WC-2014-0138, et al. (26 complaints v. Missouri-American Water Company, Respondent. SEE Fifth Order Consolidating Cases …, dated 3/26/2014 on the Orders Page, for complete list of file numbers and complainants, except WC-2015-0115, which has been voluntarily dismissed) – Notice of Dismissal [dismissing WC-2014-0176 from consolidated complaint]. Updated 1/15/2015.
01/07/2015 010714370 File No. ER-2014-0370 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s tariff revisions designed to increase rates for electric service) – Notice Regarding Discovery Conference. Updated 1/9/2015.
01/06/2015 010613254 File No. GM-2013-0254 (Joint application of Southern Union Company, d/b/a Missouri Gas Energy, The Laclede Group, Inc., and Laclede Gas Company for authorization of the sale of the entire franchise, works, and system of Southern Union’s Missouri Gas Energy operating division to Laclede; and Laclede’s application for authority to borrow up to $975 million to finance the transaction) – Notice Closing File. Updated 1/9/2015.
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