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06/22/2015 062214258-2 File No. ER-2014-0258 (Revised tariffs of Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, to implement an increase in rates for electric service to Missouri customers) – Notice Closing file. Updated 6/23/2015.
06/17/2015 061714138 Updated Consolidated File No. WC-2014-0138, et al. (25 complaints v. Missouri-American Water Company, Respondent. SEE Fifth Order Consolidating Cases …, dated 3/26/2014 on the Orders Page, for complete list of file numbers and complainants, except WC-2015-0115 and WC-2015-0176, which have been voluntarily dismissed) – Notice Regarding Discovery Conference. Updated 6/19/2015.
06/08/2015 060815314 File No. LO-2015-0314 (Granite Telecommunications, LLC’s courtesy notice of compliance with 2015 intrastate terminating end office reductions pursuant to 47 C.F.R. Section 51.911(c)) - Notice Closing File. Updated 6/9/2015.
06/08/2015 060808116 File No. TK-2008-0116 (Lathrop Telephone Company’s notification that Cricket Communications, Inc., an affiliate of AT&T, wishes to cancel its interconnection agreement with Lathrop) - Notice Closing File. Updated 6/9/2015.
06/08/2015 060815211 File No. WO-2015-0211 (Missouri-American Water Company’s tariff filing to change its Infrastructure System Replacement Surcharge (ISRS)) – Notice of Exhibits at Evidentiary Hearing on June 3, 2015. Updated 6/9/2015.
06/03/2015 060314357 File No. EO-2014-0357 (PSC Staff investigation of solar rebate payments pursuant to the Renewable Energy Standard and PSC rules) – Notice Closing File. Updated 6/5/2015.
06/03/2015 060315321-1 File No. GW-2015-0321 (PSC working case to draft revisions regarding natural gas safety rules) – Notice of New Proceeding. Updated 6/5/2015.
05/29/2015 052915287 File No. CD-2015-0287 (PSC Staff motion to cancel Cbeyond Communications, LLC’s certificate of service authority and accompanying tariff to provide basic local and interexchange telecommunications service) – Notice Correcting Order Canceling Certificates and Accompanying Tariffs. Updated 61/2015.
05/29/2015 052915305 File No. EO-2015-0305 (KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company’s 2014 demand-side program annual report) - Notice Closing File. Updated 6/1/2015.
05/29/2015 052915306 File No. EO-2015-0306 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s 2014 demand-side program annual report) - Notice Closing File. Updated 6/1/2015.
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