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04/16/2015 041614351 File No. ER-2014-0351 (The Empire District Electric Company’s revised tariffs designed to increase rates for electric service provided to customers) – Notice of Call-In Phone Number for Evidentiary Hearing. Updated 4/20/2015.
04/14/2015 041415218 File No. GC-2015-0218 (PSC Staff, Complainant, v. Liberty Utilities (Midstates Natural Gas) Corp., d/b/a Liberty Utilities, Respondent) – Notice of Dismissal. Updated 4/15/2015.
04/10/2015 041015239 File No. EO-2015-0239 (The Empire District Electric Company’s 2014 annual vegetation management report) - Notice Closing File. Updated 4/13/2015.
04/09/2015 040913422 File No. GR-2013-0422 (Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) filing of Missouri Gas Energy, a Division of Southern Union Company) – Notice Closing File. Updated 4/13/2015.
04/07/2015 040715212 File No. XN-2015-0212 (Notification by Business Telecom, Inc., d/b/a EarthLink Business, of its corporate name change to Business Telecom, LLC, d/b/a EarthLink Business. Updated 4/9/2015.
04/06/2015 040614161 File No. WC-2014-0161 (Karen Smith, Complainant, v. Missouri-American Water Company, Respondent) – Notice of Dismissal and Closing File. NOTE: The document is incorrectly dated April 7, 2015; it was submitted to the PSC Electronic Filing and Information System on April 6, 2015. Updated 4/9/2015.
04/02/2015 040215251 File No. AO-2015-0251 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) filing in accordance with PSC reporting requirements) – Notice Closing File. Updated 4/3/2015.
04/02/2015 040215097 File No. TX-2015-0097 (Proposed rescission and consolidation of PSC rules relating to telecommunications) – Notice of Rulemaking Hearing. Updated 4/3/2015.
04/01/2015 040114370-1 Consolidated File Nos. ER-2014-0370 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s tariff revisions designed to increase rates for electric service) and EU-2015-0094 (PSC Staff, Petitioner, v. Kansas City Power & Light Company, Respondent) – Notice Regarding Discovery Conference. Updated 4/3/2015.
04/01/2015 040114352 File No. EX-2014-0352 (Proposed amendment of 4 CSR 240-20.065 and 4 CSR 240-20.100 regarding net metering and renewable energy standard requirements) – Notice of Revised Date for Rulemaking Hearing. Updated 4/3/2015.
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