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11/18/2014 111814207 File No. EA-2014-0207 (Grain Belt Express Clean Line LLC’s application for authorization to construct, own, operate, and maintain a high-voltage direct-current transmission line and an associated converter station providing an interconnection on the Maywood–Montgomery 345 kV transmission line) – Order Granting Reicherts’ Motion Regarding Admission of Testimony and Request to be Excused from Evidentiary Hearing. Updated 11/19/2014.
11/18/2014 111814034 File No. EC-2014-0034 (Amanda Leigh Sciandra, Complainant, v. Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, Respondent) – Order Directing Complainant to File a Statement. Updated 11/19/2014.
11/18/2014 111814151 File No. EO-2014-0151 (KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company’s application for authority to establish a Renewable Energy Standard (RES) rate adjustment mechanism) – Order Approving Tariff Filing in Compliance with Commission Order. Updated 11/19/2014.
11/17/2014 111715114 File No. DA-2015-0114 (Zultys, Inc.’s application for registration to provide Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (IVoIP) service) - Interconnected Voice Over Internet Protocol Registration. Updated 11/18/2014.
11/17/2014 111714370 File No. ER-2014-0370 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s tariff revisions designed to increase rates for electric service) – Order Directing Filing Regarding Response Opposing Intervention. Updated 11/18/2014.
11/17/2014 111714255 File No. EU-2014-0255 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s application for order authorizing construction accounting relating to its electrical operations) – Order Setting Deadline for Responses to Staff’s Motion to Consolidate Cases. Updated 11/18/2014.
11/17/2014 111714086 File No. GR-2014-0086 (Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, Inc.’s tariff revisions designed to increase annual revenues for natural gas service) – Order Directing Filing of Recommendation. Updated 11/18/2014.
11/17/2014 111715069 File No. LA-2015-0069 (Talk America Services, LLC’s application for authorization to provide interexchange and resold local exchange telecommunications services) – Order Granting Certificates to Provide Basic Local, Nonswitched Local, and Interexchange Telecommunications Services. Updated 11/18/2014.
11/17/2014 111715116 File No. PD-2015-0116 (PSC Staff’s motion to cancel Innovative Businesses and Services, Inc.’s certificate to provide private pay telephone service) – Order Directing Notice. Updated 11/18/2014.
11/17/2014 111715117 File No. PD-2015-0117 (PSC Staff’s motion to cancel Inmate Communications Corporation’s certificate to provide private pay telephone service) – Order Directing Notice. Updated 11/18/2014.
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