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08/26/2014 082614367 File No. EC-2014-0367 (Robert Meller-Silvestrissen, Complainant, v. KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company, Respondent) – Notice of Dismissal and Order Canceling Pre-hearing Conference. Updated 8/27/2014.
08/26/2014 082615017 File No. EO-2015-0017 (Application of Nancy Price requesting a change of electric service supplier from Tri-County Electric Cooperative to Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri) – Order Directing Applicant to File a Response. Updated 8/27/2014.
08/26/2014 082615053 File No. EO-2015-0053 (Re. Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri: Change to its 2011 utility resource filing pursuant to 4 CSR 240-22) – Order and Notice. Updated 8/27/2014.
08/26/2014 082614086 File No. GR-2014-0086 (Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, Inc.’s tariff revisions designed to increase annual revenues for natural gas service) – Order Relating to True-Up Hearing. Updated 8/27/2014.
08/26/2014 082614152 File No. GR-2014-0152 (Tariff filing by Liberty Utilities (Midstates Natural Gas) Corp., d/b/a Liberty Utilities, designed to implement a general rate increase for natural gas service in its Missouri services areas) – Order Granting Motion for Leave to Withdraw from Representation. Updated 8/27/2014.
08/26/2014 082614358 File No. WC-2014-0358 (Gene Koverman, Complainant, v. Missouri-American Water Company, Respondent) – Order Granting Motion for Extension of Time. Updated 8/27/2014.
08/25/2014 082514151 File No. EO-2014-0151 (KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company’s application for authority to establish a Renewable Energy Standard (RES) rate adjustment mechanism) – Order Setting Prehearing Conference. Updated 8/27/2014.
08/25/2014 082514289 File No. EO-2014-0289 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s 2013 Renewable Energy Standard (RES) compliance report) – Order Granting Waiver. Updated 8/27/2014.
08/25/2014 082514290 File No. EO-2014-0290 (KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company’s 2013 Renewable Energy Standard (RES) compliance report) – Order Granting Waiver. Updated 8/27/2014.
08/22/2014 082214374 File No. CA-2014-0374 (Midwest Data Center, Inc.’s application for authorization to provide basic local exchange telecommunications services) – Order Granting Certificate to Provide Basic Local Telecommunications Services. Updated 8/27/2014.
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