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03/03/2015 030314370 Consolidated File Nos. ER-2014-0370 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s tariff revisions designed to increase rates for electric service) and EU-2015-0094 (PSC Staff, Petitioner, v. Kansas City Power & Light Company, Respondent) – Order Granting Motion to Provide Additional Notice and Opportunity to Intervene. Updated 3/4/2015.
03/03/2015 030315169 Consolidated File Nos. WA-2015-0169 and SA-2015-0170 (TUK LLC’s application for authority to install, own, acquire, construct, manage, etc., water and Sewer systems in Jefferson County, MO) – Order Granting Extension of Time to File Staff Recommendation. Updated 3/4/2015.
03/03/2015 030315192 Consolidated files concerning rate increase requests of seven small utilities: WR-2015-0192 – Bilyeu Ridge Water Co., LLC; WR-2015-0193 – Midland Water Company, Inc.; WR-2015-0194 – Moore Bend Water Utility, LLC; WR-2015-0195 – Riverfork Water Company; WR-2015-0196 – Taney County Water, LLC; WR-2015-0197 – Valley Woods Utility, LLC (water rate requests); and SR-2015-0198 – Valley Woods Utility, LLC (sewer rate request) – Order Consolidating and Re-styling Cases. Updated 3-4-2015.
03/03/2015 030314258 File No. ER-2014-0258 (Revised tariffs of Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, to implement an increase in rates for electric service to Missouri customers) – Order Establishing Time to Respond to Stipulations Filed March 3, 2015. Updated 3/4/2015.
03/03/2015 030314121 File No. GR-2014-0121 (Laclede Gas Company’s purchased gas adjustment (PGA) tariff filing) – Order Granting Motion for Extension of Time to File Staff Recommendation. Updated 3/4/2015.
03/03/2015 030314260 File No. WC-2014-0260 (City of Houston Lake, Missouri, Complainant, v. Missouri-American Water Company, Respondent) – Order Directing Filing. Updated 3/4/2015.
03/03/2015 030315211 File No. WO-2015-0211 (Missouri-American Water Company’s tariff filing to change its Infrastructure System Replacement Surcharge (ISRS)) – Order Suspending Tariff, Setting Dates for Filing, and Directing Publication; and Notice of Contested Case. Updated 3/4/2015.
03/02/2015 030215209 File No. WX-2015-0209 (Missouri-American Water Company’s petition requesting the PSC to promulgate a revenue decoupling mechanism for the water and sewer industry) – Order Directing Staff to Investigate and File a Recommendation. Updated 3/3/2015.
02/26/2015 022615205 File No. TC-2015-0205 (DeLana Smith-Sattarin, Complainant, v. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, d/b/a AT&T Missouri, Respondent) – Order Giving Notice of Contested Case, Directing Answer and Directing Staff Investigation. Updated 3/3/2015.
02/25/2015 022514207 File No. EA-2014-0207 (Grain Belt Express Clean Line LLC’s application for authorization to construct, own, operate, and maintain a high-voltage direct-current transmission line and an associated converter station providing an interconnection on the Maywood–Montgomery 345 kV transmission line) – Order Granting Leave to Withdraw as Counsel. Updated 2/26/2015.
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