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11/24/2014 112414207 File No. EA-2014-0207 (Grain Belt Express Clean Line LLC’s application for authorization to construct, own, operate, and maintain a high-voltage direct-current transmission line and an associated converter station providing an interconnection on the Maywood–Montgomery 345 kV transmission line) – Notice of Actions Taken at Evidentiary Hearing. Updated 11/25/2014.
11/24/2014 112414370-1 File No. ER-2014-0370 (Kansas City Power & Light Company’s tariff revisions designed to increase rates for electric service) – Notice of Actions Taken at Prehearing Conference. Updated 11/25/2014.
11/24/2014 112415065 File No. SA-2015-0065 (Missouri-American Water Company’s application for authority to construct, install, own, operate, and maintain a sewer system in Benton County, MO) – Notice Regarding Ruling on Application to Intervene Out of Time. Updated 11/25/2014.
11/20/2014 112015123-2 File No. EC-2015-0123 (Darleen A. Hall, Complainant, v. Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, Respondent) – Notice of Correction. Updated 11/25/2014
11/20/2014 112014239 File No. EW-2014-0239 (Working case to draft a rule to revise PSC rule 4 CSR 240-3.105, ‘Filing Requirements for Electric Utility Applications for Certificates of Convenience and Necessity’) – Notice of Opportunity to Comment. Updated 11/25/2014.
11/19/2014 111914034 File No. EC-2014-0034 (Amanda Leigh Sciandra, Complainant, v. Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, Respondent) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/25/2014.
11/17/2014 111715074 File No. WC-2015-0074 (Amanda BoClair, Complainant, v. Missouri-American Water Company, Respondent) – Notice of Dismissal. Updated 11/18/2014.
11/17/2014 111714138 Updated Consolidated File No. WC-2014-0138, et al. (27 complaints v. Missouri-American Water Company, Respondent. SEE Fifth Order Consolidating Cases …, dated 3/26/2014 on the Orders Page, for complete list of file numbers and complainants) – Notice of Dismissal [dismisses WC-2015-0115 from consolidated complaint]. Updated 11/18/2014.
11/12/2014 111215085-2 File No. ER-2015-0085 (The Empire District Electric Company’s Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC) tariff revision) – Notice of Clarification. Updated 11/13/2014.
11/06/2014 110614329 File No. AW-2014-0329 (Working case to draft a rule regarding utility pay stations and loan companies) – Notice Closing File. Updated 11/7/2014.
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