A tariff is discretionary for any retail telecommunications service offered to residential or business customers. Tariff Search

Tariff Format

  • A tariff must bear a number with the prefix PSC Mo. No. __, with tariffs being numbered in consecutive order, starting with a No. 1. All sheets of the tariff should be numbered in sequential number format.
  • The top margin of each sheet should contain the name as recognized by the PSC and by which the company is registered with the Missouri Secretary of State.
  • The bottom margin space of each sheet should contain the name, title and address of the issuing officer or company designated representative.
  • All new tariffs and all new pages added to a tariff should be designated as an original sheet.
  • Tariff revisions should be designated as "First revised sheet (page) canceling original sheet", "Second revised sheet (page) canceling first revised sheet", etc. with reference marks indicating changes.

How to file a Tariff
A new tariff or change to an existing tariff should be filed electronically in EFIS (Electronic Filing and Information System) by an authorized company representative. All requested information must be input into the fields provided.

New Tariff Instructions     

Tariff Revision Instructions                                                                                                                                       

How to Detariff
A telecommunications company can detariff by submitting a letter addressed to the commission. The letter should be filed by an authorized company representative into EFIS under the “revise current tariff” submission option and contain the following information:

  • A statement declaring the company's intent to detariff.
  • The effective date for detariffing.
  • The tariff or tariff pages to be withdrawn.
  • The website address containing rate information and service descriptions.

Detariffing Obligations
If the website changes, the company will need to submit a letter in EFIS using the “revise current tariff” submission option to notify the Commission of the revised website.




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