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PSC Staff Files Complaint Against Moore Bend Water Utility, LLC

JEFFERSON CITY---The Staff of the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC Staff) has filed a complaint against Moore Bend Water Utility, LLC alleging the water company has failed to provide safe and adequate service to its customers in Taney County.
The PSC Staff complaint alleges that the water utility has violated state laws, Public Service Commission rules and orders relating to (1) the bacterial contamination of its water supply as alleged by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources; and (2) its acquisition of the water system from the former owner (Moore Bend Water Company, Inc.).
According to the complaint, “Staff (PSC Staff) takes this action at this time because, despite repeated assurances from the Company over an extended period of time that the Company would correct the deficiencies in its system, no corrective action has in fact occurred.”
Customers who have service related issues are urged to contact the PSC Staff (P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102, telephone 1-800-392-4211, e-mail
The PSC Staff complaint asks the Commission to authorize its General Counsel to go to circuit court to seek penalties against Moore Bend Water Utility, LLC and to order the company to make necessary and desirable improvements to its system in order to safeguard the public health and safety.  Moore Bend Water Utility, LLC has been given until August 9, 2014, to file an answer to the complaint.
Moore Bend Water Utility, LLC provides water service to approximately 90 customers in the Moore Bend Subdivision near the villages of Cedarcreek and Kissee Mills in Taney County, Missouri.


Case No. WC-2015-0010
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