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PSC Grants Missouri-American's Request to
Provide Sewer Service in Callaway County

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has granted Missouri-American Water Company (MAWC) a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) to construct, install, own, operate and maintain a sewer system in the Hillers Creek Subdivision in Callaway County. The requested CCN would allow MAWC to provide sewer service to approximately 43 customers currently receiving service from the Hillers Creek Association Sewer System (Association). According to the filing, approximately 75 percent of all the customers signed a petition approving the sale of the system to MAWC. Single family residential customers will pay a flat sewer rate of $58.13 a month. 

The Commission granted the CCN determining: 1) There is a need for the service; 2) MAWC is qualified to provide the proposed service; 3) MAWC has the financial ability to provide the service; 4) MAWC’s proposal is economically feasible; and, 5) The service promotes the public interest.

“The Commission concludes that the factors for granting a certificate of convenience and necessity to MAWC have been satisfied and that it is in the public interest for MAWC to provide sewer service to the customers currently being served by the Association,” said the Commission.

MAWC provides water service to approximately 457,300 customers in Missouri. It also provides sewer service to approximately 13,221 customers in the state. 


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