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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- September 16, 2022
Kevin Kelly (573) 751-9300

PSC Grants Confluence Rivers Request

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has granted Confluence Rivers Utility Operating Company, Inc. (Confluence Rivers) a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) to acquire, own, install, operate, manage and maintain a sewer system in Madison County. The CCN authorizes Confluence Rivers to acquire the sewer assets of the Deer Run Estates Property Owner’s Association, an unregulated sewer system.

The Commission approved the application determining: 1) There is a need for the service; 2) Confluence Rivers is qualified to provide the proposed service; 3) Confluence Rivers has the financial ability to provide the service; 4) Confluence Rivers’ proposal is economically feasible; and 5) The service promotes the public interest.

Confluence Rivers proposes to charge a flat sewer rate of $20.00 a month until such time as rates are modified according to law.

Confluence Rivers provides water service to approximately 4,400 customers and sewer service to approximately 4,600 customers in Missouri. The Deer Run Estates Property Owner’s Association currently has approximately 50 sewer customers.
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