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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- December 10, 2020
Kevin Kelly (573) 751-9300

PSC Grants Confluence Rivers Application
to Purchase Various Water and Sewer Systems

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved an application filed by Confluence Rivers Utility Operating Company, Inc. (Confluence Rivers) which authorizes Confluence Rivers to purchase the assets of various small water and sewer systems in Missouri.

Those utilities include the water and sewer systems of Branson Cedars Resort Utility Company, Inc.; the water system of Fawn Lake Water Corp.; the water system of P.A.G. LLC d/b/a Prairie Heights Water Company; the sewer system of Freeman Hills Subdivision; and the sewer system of the DeGuire Subdivision. The Commission also approved a request filed by Confluence Rivers to expand its current certificated area that provides sewer service in the Villa Ridge Subdivision in Franklin County in order to provide service to an additional three customers.

“The Commission finds that Confluence Rivers’ acquisition of the specified water and sewer assets is not detrimental to the public interest,” said the Commission. “Further, the Commission finds that Confluence Rivers possesses adequate technical, managerial, and financial capacity to operate the water and sewer systems it seeks to purchase.”

The Commission also approved a request filed by Confluence Rivers for certificates of convenience and necessity (CCNs) to construct, own, operate and maintain the various water and sewer systems. The Commission granted the CCNs determining: 1) There is a need for the services; 2) Confluence Rivers is qualified to provide the proposed services; 3) Confluence Rivers has the financial ability to provide the services; 4) Confluence Rivers’ proposals are economically feasible; and 5) The services promote the public interest.

“The Commission concludes the criteria for granting CCNs to Confluence Rivers have been satisfied and that it is in the public interest for Confluence Rivers to provide water and sewer service to the areas currently served by the assets to be acquired,” said the Commission.

Confluence Rivers proposes to continue providing service at all of the acquired systems’ current monthly rates after acquisition. Confluence Rivers’ application asserts that the current rates do not reflect the cost of providing service and the company expects to seek a rate increase after investments have been made to improve the systems. “The Commission has not evaluated the necessity or prudence of any proposed improvements;” said the Commission, “the prudence of any system improvement will be evaluated in a subsequent rate proceeding.”

Confluence Rivers serves approximately 547 water customers and 636 sewer customers in Missouri. Branson Cedars Resort Utility Company serves 64 water units and 60 sewer units in the Branson Cedars Resort development in Taney County. Fawn Lake Water Corp. serves 29 water customers near Fawn Lake Air Park in Warren and Lincoln counties. Prairie Heights Water Company serves 54 water customers in the Prairie Heights Subdivision in Bolivar, Missouri. Freeman Hills serves 16 sewer customers in the Freeman Hills Subdivision near Mexico, Missouri. The DeGuire Subdivision serves 24 residential customers and four commercial customers south of Fredericktown, Missouri.


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