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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- October 24, 2013
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PR 14-43

PSC Determines Envirowater Company Certificate To Provide Sewer Service Null And Void

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has determined a certificate of convenience and necessity granted to Envirowater Company, LLC (Envirowater) in February 2004 is null and void since the company did not exercise the authority conferred within two years of its issuance.
On August 21, 2013, the Staff of the Missouri Public Service Commission filed a motion with the Commission seeking to cancel or deem null and void the certificate of convenience and necessity and associated tariffs authorizing Envirowater to construct and operate a sewer system in an unincorporated area of Lincoln County near Old Monroe, Missouri.
According to the PSC Staff filing, Envirowater, on April 16, 2013, requested cancellation of its certificate stating it had never provided sewer service in Missouri since receiving Commission authority to provide service in Lincoln County near Old Monroe in February 2004
The Commission noted in its order that the certificate of convenience and necessity was granted to Envirowater for use in a planned subdivision, with the subdivision developer proposing to construct a wastewater treatment facility that could then be transferred to Envirowater.  Prior to a complete sewer system being built however, the developer ended all development of the subdivision without any homes being constructed.

Since granting the certificate of convenience and necessity in 2004, Envirowater has never had customers, and has never owned, operated, controlled or managed a sewer system.  Since neither the manager of Envirowater nor Envirowater have an ownership interest in the development of the subdivision, the certificate of convenience and necessity will not be used in the future. 



Case No. SD-2014-0045


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