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PSC Approves Amendment to Water Territorial Agreement

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved a third amendment to a water territorial agreement between Public Water Supply District No. 1 of Franklin County (District) and the City of Union (City).

A territorial agreement between the two water service providers was approved by the Public Service Commission in March 2003. A first amendment to the territorial agreement was approved by the Commission in December 2006 and a second amendment was approved in April 2020.

The Third Amendment removes real property from the service area of the District. There are no customers currently receiving service from the District whose service will transfer to the City as the subject real property is undeveloped. In order to receive water service at the subject real property, the District would have to install new water facilities at considerable cost. The City, however, has nearby water facilities.

“The Commission finds that the parties have agreed to the Third Amendment and no person has objected nor requested a hearing,” said the Commission. “The Commission concludes the Third Amendment in total is not detrimental to the public interest and will be approved.”
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