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New Water Rates for Gascony Water Company Customers
to take Effect June 30


JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved tariffs which authorize Gascony Water Company, Incorporated (Gascony) to increase annual water revenues by approximately $10,400 effective for service on and after June 30, 2018. The rate increase is designed to recover the company’s cost of service. This is the first water rate increase for Gascony since April of 1999.

When Gascony filed its rate case on June 19, 2017, it sought to increase annual water operating revenues by approximately $15,000. The company cited increases in operating expenses and investments since its last rate case in 1999 as reasons for filing the rate case.

“Gascony provides safe and adequate service, and the Commission concludes, based upon its independent review of the whole record, that the rates approved as a result of this order are just and reasonable and support the provision of safe and adequate service,” said the Commission. “The revenue increase approved by the Commission is no more than what is sufficient to keep Gascony’s utility plant in proper repair for effective public service and provide to Gascony’s investors an opportunity to earn a reasonable return upon funds invested.”

Current quarterly water rates for residential customers and new quarterly water rates as a result of this rate case appear below.

Type of Residential Customer Current Quarterly Rate  New Quarterly Rate
Full-time customer  $103.33 $101.57
Part-time customer  $ 36.88 $ 50.79


Gascony Water Company, Incorporated provides water service to approximately 26 full-time residential customers, 151 part-time residential customers and three commercial customers in Gasconade County near Hermann, Missouri.

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