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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- September 25, 2013
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Emergency Interim Rates Approved For P.C.B. Inc. and M.P.B., Inc. Sewer Systems

JEFFERSON CITY—Emergency interim sewer rates have been approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission for P.C.B., Inc. and M.P.B., Inc. in order that the interim receiver appointed by the Commission in August to operate the sewer systems can continue to provide safe and adequate service to customers.
The interim rate increase was agreed to by the Office of the Public Counsel, the Public Service Commission Staff (PSC Staff), the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the interim receiver, Johansen Consulting Services, LLC (JCS).  The interim rate increase was part of an overall agreement which recommended to the Commission that JCS be appointed as interim receiver of the sewer systems. 
The PSC Staff filed a petition on August 23, 2013, claiming that P.C.B., Inc. and M.P.B., Inc. had effectively abandoned their sewer systems.  Included in the petition was a letter from the sewer system owners stating they no longer have the time and economic resources to operate the companies.
The petition included an agreement stating JCS would file rate cases one working day after the September 7, 2013, effective date of the Commission’s order naming JCS as interim receiver.  A small general rate increase case was filed by JCS along with the interim rate request on September 9, 2013.  Only the interim rate request has been decided at this time.  The PSC Staff will be conducting an audit of the books and records of the companies and then will make a recommendation as to what type of increase, if any, should be granted in the general rate cases.  
Emergency rates are subject to refund if the actual costs of the emergency items are less than the actual amount collected through the emergency rates.  Sewer rates were last changed for customers of P.C.B., Inc. in October 1986 and for customers of M.P.B., Inc. in March 1994.

Current monthly sewer rates for residential customers and the monthly interim sewer charge appear below.  Interim rates will take effect on October 1, 2013. The interim rate will be in addition to the current monthly sewer rate and is to be separately identified on the sewer bill.

Company/System                     Current Monthly Sewer Rate               Monthly Interim Charge

P.C.B., Inc.                                             $13.59                                                      $10.44
M.P.B., Inc.  (Villa Ridge Estates)           $13.91                                                      $12.26 
M.P.B., Inc.  (Lake Virginia)                    $ 7.94                                                       $ 6.04

P.C.B., Inc. serves approximately 285 sewer customers near Cedar Hill and Festus in Jefferson County.  M.P.B., Inc. serves approximately 195 sewer customers near Villa Ridge in Franklin County and near Festus (Lake Virginia) in Jefferson County. 

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