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The Missouri Universal Service Fund 

Established on March 31, 2002, the Missouri Universal Service Fund currently provides funding for the Lifeline and Disabled programs. For more information regarding the Lifeline and Disabled Programs, click here. The Missouri Universal Service Fund Board oversees the Missouri USF including the administration of the fund.   


Missouri USF Board Agendas            Missouri USF Board Minutes             Missouri USF Bylaws


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Missouri USF Assessment and Support. 

Provides basic information about the Missouri USF assessment as well as how companies may apply for Missouri USF support.


Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Requirements and Filing Instructions

Describes rules and filing instructions applicable to ETCs.


Case No. TW-2014-0012: This pending case is intended to gather information about the Lifeline program as well as evaluate the purposes and goals of the Missouri USF. To date, this case contains various MoPSC Staff reports regarding the Lifeline program. In addition, this case contains feedback about the prospect of expanding the Missouri USF to include high-cost support.


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