Relay Missouri Advisory Committee

Next Meeting: October 8, 2019                                                            Bylaws for Relay Missouri Advisory Committee

Minutes of Prior Meetings


Permanent Members

DPRS Contractor (Sprint)

Catherine Macfee

PSC Staff (2 Members)

John Van Eschen

Kari Salsman


Marc Poston

MCDHH Executive Dir.

Opeoluwa Sotonwa

MTIA President

Ric Telthorst


Appointed Members (appointed members serve 3 year terms and may serve up to 3 terms) 



Term Began

Term Ends

Deaf (2)


April Mason-Donovan (Chair)


April 2014

May 2020

April 2020

Hard-of-Hearing (1)

Robert Honan

April 2017

April 2020

Late Deafened (1)

Dr. Stephanie Logan

April 2014

May 2020

Hearing (1)

Adonis Brown

June 2019

June 2022

Speech Pathologist or Audiologist (1)

Claire Mengwasser

June 2014

May 2020

Speech Impaired (1)




At-Large (1)

Scott Dollar

June 2014

April 2020

External / Internet