PR-11-84 -- PSC Reduces Relay Missouri Surcharge

Contact: Kevin Kelly (573) 751-9300
JEFFERSON CITY—The Missouri Public Service Commission has reduced the surcharge that consumers pay to fund Relay Missouri, a statewide dual-party telephone relay service for the deaf, hearing-impaired and speech-impaired.  The surcharge appears on the monthly telephone bills of Missouri consumers.
Relay Missouri provides telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hearing-impaired and speech-impaired.  Specially trained communication assistants translate calls so that deaf, hearing-impaired and speech-impaired individuals can communicate with any other party.
Relay Missouri is funded through a monthly, per line surcharge.  The current surcharge is $0.13.  The surcharge will drop to $0.11 effective March 3, 2011.  The surcharge was reduced after Commission review of a recommendation made by the Public Service Commission staff.  The PSC staff reviewed anticipated fund expenditures and payments and recommended the surcharge be reduced to $0.11 a month.
The Commission noted that adopting the PSC staff recommendation should allow the fund to remain solvent and available to those customers who need it, while reducing the bills of all Missouri landline subscribers.
The Missouri General Assembly established Relay Missouri in 1990.  Under state law, the Commission is required to review the surcharge at least every two years, but not more than on an annual basis.  The review is to ascertain that necessary funds are available for providing the program.



Case No. TO-2009-0042
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