PR-11-45 -- Steelville Telephone Exchange, Inc. No Longer Subject To Certain Quality Of Service And Billing Standards

Contact: Kevin Kelly (573) 751-9300
JEFFERSON CITY---Steelville Telephone Exchange, Inc. has notified the Public Service Commission of its intent to opt out of PSC oversight regarding certain aspects of its telephone services.  The exchanges affected by this filing include: Steelville, Huzzah, Cherryville and Viburnum.
The carrier cites amendments to a state law, passed during the 2008 legislative session in HB 1779, which permit certain carriers to opt out of traditional regulation through filings at the PSC.  Steelville Telephone Exchange, Inc. will no longer be subject to certain PSC rules and regulations.  Those PSC rules and regulations include:                               
  • Quality of service standards.
  • Billing and payment standards.
  • Clear identification and placement of charges on telephone bills.
  • Engineering and maintenance standards.
  • Clear identification of company name and contact information for billing disputes.
The waivers prevent the PSC from enforcing its rules and regulations and limit the PSC’s ability to address formal complaints filed at the Commission by consumers.  However, even though the Public Service Commission lacks jurisdiction to handle complaints associated with the waivers, the PSC will continue to monitor telephone company service performance.  Consumers are invited to contact the Commission through its consumer services department hotline (1-800-392-4211) to report any positive or negative inquiries or complaints about service quality and billing issues.



Case No. IE-2011-0078
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