Missouri USF

The Missouri Universal Service Fund provides financial support to landline telecommunications and IVoIP companies to enable monthly discounts for voice service to qualifying low income consumers (Lifeline program) and qualifying disabled consumers (Disabled program). Voice service can be combined with broadband service but the Missouri USF does not provide support for a broadband-only service. The Missouri USF does not support wireless service. The fund solely supports the Lifeline and Disabled programs and does not offer a high-cost support program or any other program. Funding is provided by the Missouri USF assessment. The fund is currently administered by Central Bank who provides fund administration service through a competitive bid contract. See: www.missouriusf.com.

How Landline Companies Can Receive Missouri USF Support

Approval from the Missouri Commission and Missouri USF Board is initially required for any company to begin receiving Missouri USF support with subsequent annual recertification by the Missouri USF Board. A landline company can apply to begin receiving Missouri USF support in a company's application for status as an eligible telecommunications carrier. A company simply needs to indicate within an ETC application the company desires to seek Missouri USF support. Alternatively, if a company already has ETC status or does not intend to seek ETC status, but rather particiapte in the Disabled program, then use on of the two forms as appropriate:

Request for MoUSF Support - This form is to be used to request Missouri USF funding for lifeline or both lifeline and disabled program purposes. This request would be applicable to carriers currently designated as an ETC in Missouri that solely receive federal funding and now wish to participate in the Missouri USF program for lifeline and/or disabled program purposes.

Request for MoUSF Support Solely for Disabled Program - This form is to be used to request Missouri USF funding solely for disabled program purposes. Note: ETC designation is not required to participate in the Missouri USF solely for disabled program purposes.

Regardless of the method used, the Missouri Commission will issue an order formally indicating the company is eligible to receive Missouri USF support. Such orders will be presented to the Missouri USF Board at their next scheduled meeting for final approval and indicate to the Missouri USF the company is eligible to receive Missouri support.

Missouri USF Monthly Support Amounts

Disabled program: $24.00 per subscriber

Lifeline program: (depends on type of service provided to the subscriber):

  • Voice-only service or voice service bundled with a non-qualifying broadband service = $18.75 (effective December 1, 2020)
  • Voice service bundled with a qualifying broadband service = $14.75

Notes about Missouri USF support amounts:

The total amount of MoUSF support and federal support shall not exceed the total of the company's local service rate plus subscriber line charge.

Missouri USF support increased from $16.75 to $18.75 effective December 1, 2020. 

Missouri USF support is not offered for a wireless service or a broadband-only service.

Qualifying broadband service refers to a broadband speed specified by the FCC or meets the exception identified in FCC rule 54.408(d). The minimum broadband speed is 25 Mbps (down)/ 3 Mbps (up) as of December 1, 2020.

Relevant Orders in Case No. TO-2019-0346: Order Increasing Monthly Support Rate  Clarification Order Order Increasing Monthly Support Rate Clarification Order Order Continuing Suspension of Assessment Rate and Increasing Monthly Support Rate

Enrollment Forms for Lifeline and Disabled Program

Disabled Program Enrollment Form

Lifeline Enrollment Form - Per FCC Public Notice DA 18-161, effective July, 1, 2018, all Lifeline service providers are required to use the FCC's universal Lifeline enrollment form.
Lifeline Program Household Worksheet
More information on the universal forms can be found on USAC's website.

Effective March 5, 2019 lifeline service providers in Missouri must use the National Verifier to check the eligibility of all Lifeline applicants before enrolling them in the program. More information about the National Verifier can be found on USAC's National Verifier Page.

Missouri USF Board

The Missouri Universal Service Fund (USF) Board oversees the Missouri Universal Service Fund including the Missouri USF Administrator, selected through a competitive bid process, who manages daily fund activities. Most information regarding the Missouri USF is maintained on the Missouri USF Administrator’s website at www.mousf.com; however, Missouri USF Board information is maintained below: 



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