Missouri USF Assessment and Support


Missouri USF assessment:  The Missouri USF is currently funded by a .0010 assessment of a telecommunications or IVoIP company’s Missouri net jurisdictional revenues. No bills are issued to companies and no annual true-ups are provided to companies for the Missouri USF assessment. A company has the option of recovering the Missouri USF assessment from consumers. If a company chooses to recover the Missouri USF assessment from consumers then the company must comply with the billing and collections requirements contained in Missouri Commission rule 4 CSR 240-31.060(4) and 4 CSR 28.050(2).  


The most recent review of this surcharge was in Commission Case No. TO-2014-0333.


Remitting payments to the Missouri USF:  Remittance payments are due on the 22nd day of the month following the collection period based on a company’s annual net jurisdictional revenues:


Payments are made directly to the Missouri USF administrator.  Missouri Commission rule 4 CSR 240-31.060(5) generally describes remittance procedures; however, the Missouri USF administrator’s website contains more detailed information about remitting payments, forms and applicable late fees.   


Receiving support from Missouri USF:  Only ETCs certified by the Missouri USF Board are eligible to receive Missouri USF support.  The form for a company to apply for Missouri USF support is accessible on the Missouri USF administrator’s website. 


Annual Reporting Requirement: Each year the Missouri USF administrator will contact companies about filing a Net Jurisdictional Revenue report.  This report is due May 15th and requires a telecommunications or IVoIP company to identify the company's total intrastate net jurisdictional revenue (intrastate retail revenue) for the prior calendar year.



For more information contact:


Missouri USF Administrator
Website:  www.missouriusf.com
Phone:  1-573-634-1319 
E-mail:  mousf@centralbank.net
Missouri PSC Staff:
Kari Salsman (573) 526-5630 or Kari.Salsman@psc.mo.gov


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