Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Requirements and Filings


Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) designation allows a company to receive federal universal service fund support from the high-cost and/or Lifeline programs and Missouri-approved telecommunications carriers to receive Missouri universal service fund support from the Lifeline or Disabled programs.


Chapter 31 Rules:  All rules applicable to ETCs as well as the Missouri USF are contained in Chapter 31 of the Missouri PSC's rules.  Specific rules of interest to ETCs are 4 CSR 240-31.120 (Lifeline and Disabled program requirements) and 4 CSR 240-130 (ETC requirements).  These rules went into effect April 30, 2014 as a result of a rulemaking in Case No. TX-2013-0324.


Any ETC should ensure company contact information in the Missouri's PSC EFIS system is current as required per 4 CSR 240.31.130(2)(I).


Annual Filing Requirement:  New Missouri rule 4 CSR 240-31.130(3) requires ETCs to make an annual filing by July 1st.  This rule requires an ETC to annually certify compliance by making certain statements and submitting a limited amount of information.  Listed below are templates for this annual filing depending on type of ETC and type of support received:



Submitting USF/ETC-related filings into the Missouri Commission’s Electronic Filing and Information System: 


Any ETC filing should be electronically filed in the Missouri Commission’s Electronic Filing and Information System (EFIS).   Recent changes were made to EFIS to better organize ETC-related filings.  ETC-related filings should be submitted as a non-case related filing; as one of the following three types of submissions, as appropriate:  


(This type of submission is for the annual filing due July 1st.)


(This type of submission is for the Form 555 reports due January 31st.)


(This type of submission is for all other ETC-related filings.  In other words, if the filing does not pertain to either Form 481 or Form 555 then the filing should be submitted as this type of submission.)


Be aware that in order to submit any filing into EFIS a person must be registered in EFIS as the company’s contact and also have an EFIS User ID and Password. 

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