Commonly Asked Questions

Do all companies participate in these programs? 

No.  Not all companies participate in the program.  All incumbent landline local telephone companies, some competitive landline local telephone companies and a few wireless companies participate.  Check with your desired provider to see if they participate. 

Can I receive discounts on multiple lines or phones? 

No.  Only one discount per household.

How long will I remain on the program once admitted? 

You are obligated to contact your local provider if you no longer meet eligibility requirements; however, companies are required to annually verify that program participants continue to meet qualifying criteria.  Failure to comply with a company's subsequent request for verification of continued eligibility will cause your discounts to cease. 

How are these programs funded? 

Companies participating in these programs receive funding from the federal universal service fund and/or the Missouri universal service fund.  The Missouri USF provides $6.50 in funding while the federal USF provides the remaining funding.  Both the Missouri USF and federal USF are supported by surcharges on consumer bills.
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