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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- August 16, 2019
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PSC Sets Intervention Deadline in Steam Case

JEFFERSON CITY---AIP Project Franklin Bidco, Inc., Veolia Energy North America Holdings, Inc., Thermal North America Holdings, Inc., Veolia Energy Missouri, Inc. and Veolia Energy Kansas City, Inc. have filed a joint application with the Missouri Public Service Commission seeking Commission approval of indirect merger by stock acquisition and related encumbrance.

The joint application seeks approval of a transaction by which AIP Project Franklin Bidco, Inc. will acquire from Veolia Energy North America Holdings, Inc. 100% of the issued and outstanding common stock of Thermal North America, Inc., the parent of Veolia Energy Kansas City, Inc. (and Veolia Energy Missouri, Inc.), as well as approval of the encumbrance on Veolia Energy Kansas City, Inc. assets related to debt to be obtained for partial funding of the acquisition.

Applications to intervene and participate in this case must be filed no later than August 30, 2019, with the Secretary of the Missouri Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102, or by using the Commission’s Electronic Filing and Information System (EFIS) at

Veolia Energy Kansas City, Inc. provides steam service to approximately 50 customers in Jackson County.


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