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PSC Grants Temporary Waiver Request

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has granted a request filed by the Staff of the Missouri Public Service Commission to temporarily waive part of a Commission rule which requires Missouri natural gas companies and municipal natural gas operators to visually inspect customer gas piping and all connected equipment at the time an operator physically turns on the flow of natural gas to a customer.

In its motion, the PSC Staff stated “good cause exists for the Waiver due to the risk of operator employee exposure to the COVID-19 virus that could result from the customer contact necessary to gaining access and entering inside homes and businesses.”

The temporary waiver does not apply to Commission rules which require the operator test each segment of the fuel line for leakage to at least the delivery pressure. The temporary waiver also does not apply to Commission rules requiring that operators provide safety information to new or relocated customers, discontinue service to any customer whose fuel lines or gas utilization equipment are determined to be unsafe, and maintain records of tests and inspections conducted.

The PSC Staff recommended the temporary waiver be in effect through May 15, 2020 (expiration date of Executive Order 20-02) unless Executive Order 20-02 is extended in whole or in part at which time the waiver would renew automatically and remain in effect for the duration of Executive Order 20-02 or until such time the PSC Staff makes a filing with the Commission to terminate the waiver.
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