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PSC Grants Missouri Gas Energy Application

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has granted a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) to Missouri Gas Energy (MGE), a division of Laclede Gas Company, to provide natural gas service in Lawrence County near Pierce City.  The requested service area would an expansion of MGE’s current certified area.  The CCN would permit MGE to provide service to an additional business in that area that expressed an interest in obtaining natural gas service.
On March 31, 2014, the Public Service Commission Staff (Staff) filed its recommendation with the Commission.  Staff recommended the Commission approve the application because: (1) MGE will provide the requested service under its existing tariff provisions; (2) the extension of gas service does not jeopardize natural gas service to MGE’s current customers; (3) no one intervened or objected; (4) MGE anticipates using customary rights-of-way; (5) the requested service area is expected to develop new customers; and (6) no new franchises are necessary.
“Based on the Commission’s independent and impartial review of the verified filings, the Commission determines that MGE has satisfied all necessary criteria for the grant of a CCN,” the Commission said.  “MGE’s provision of natural gas service to the service area described is in the public interest and the Commission will grant the request for the certificate.” 
MGE serves approximately 500,000 natural gas customers in Missouri.




Case No. GA-2014-0232
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