Missouri Pipeline Safety Authority

The Missouri Public Service Commission has pipeline safety jurisdiction over operators of intrastate natural gas pipelines. In general, a pipeline is considered intrastate if it does not go beyond the borders of a single state. This includes the municipally operated natural gas distribution systems and investor owned pipelines identified as AM – Ameren Missouri, LU – Liberty Utilities, EDG – Empire District Gas Company, LGC – Laclede Gas Company, MGE – Missouri Gas Energy and SNGM – Summit Natural Gas of Missouri on the map.

In general, pipelines crossing state boundaries are interstate pipelines subject to pipeline safety jurisdiction under the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). Missouri is in PHMSA’s Central Region. Contact information for PHMSA Central Region.  

The Missouri Public Service Commission does not have safety jurisdiction over pipelines that transport hazardous liquids (e.g. propane). The Missouri Propane Safety Commission has safety jurisdiction over liquefied petroleum gas (e.g. propane).

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