Integrated Resource Planning


Opening Remarks & Introductions

  • By Warren Wood, Energy Department Manager, MoPSC Staff

Objectives of Integrated Resource Planning

  • By Ryan Kind, Chief Economist, Office of the Public Counsel

Electric & Gas IRP Rules History & Status

Electric Integrated Resource Planning Rule

Degree of Change Required – Minor, Major or In-Between?

  • By Lena Mantle, Engineering Section Manager, MoPSC Staff

Key Drivers Underlying Rationale to Change Rule

  • By Tony Artman, Principal Planning Engineer, Ameren Services

Rulemaking – The Process

  • By Tom Imhoff, Rates & Tariffs Section Supervisor, MoPSC Staff

Natural Gas Integrated Resource Planning Rule

Interest In a Natural Gas IRP Rule & Possible Structures

  • By Mike Pendergast, VP & Associate General Counsel, Laclede Gas Company
  • By Doug Micheel, Deputy Public Counsel, Office of the Public Counsel
  • By Lesa Jenkins, Procurement Analysis Engineer, MoPSC Staff
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