What is a Manufactured Home and/or a Modular Unit?

Manufactured Home (HUD Home)

Manufactured homes must comply with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes and safety standards, which apply to residential units only. HUD homes must have a permanently affixed metal tag called a HUD label. A HUD label must be affixed to each transportable section of each manufactured home certifying that the home was built to HUD construction and safety standards. HUD homes must remain transportable and the frame must remain intact. All new HUD homes installed after July 1, 2005, must be installed by a certified licensed installer of the state of Missouri. In addition, HUD homes must be installed using an approved tie-down or anchoring system.
Photos of manufactured homes

Modular Unit

Modular units are manufactured homes that include residential homes, and commercial, industrial, and educational (classroom) units. Modular units are built to International Residential Codes and International Building Codes. Each new modular unit sold or placed in the state must contain a Modular Seal permanently affixed to each modular unit. Seals are issued by the State of Missouri and certify that the modular unit has been built to applicable construction and safety standards. Modular units are normally set-up on a permanent foundation and anchored to the foundation. Modular units must be installed using an approved tie-down or anchoring system.
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