PR-08-183 -- MEDIA ADVISORY: Flood Damaged Manufactured Homes

Contact: Kevin Kelly (573) 751-9300
Quick work can keep you safe and also save time and money
 JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission’s Manufactured Housing and Modular Units Program reminds manufactured home owners that if your home has water in it due to the flood, it may be possible to minimize the amount of structural damage by quickly removing all wet material and drying out the structure as soon as it is safe to enter the structure.

Before beginning any work, please ensure the main electric power source has been disconnected by a licensed professional,” said Ron Pleus, Director of the PSC’s Manufactured Housing and Modular Units Program.  “In addition, any ‘Romex’ wiring or non-metallic sheathed electric cable that was not submerged in water should have a dielectric strength test performed by a licensed electrician before the main power is restored. If the wiring was submerged, it may need to be replaced.  Contact your local utility provider for specific information,” Pleus said.

Some important tips or suggestions to consider from the PSC’s Manufactured Housing Department include: 
  • Wet insulation should be removed immediately to reduce the possibility of mold build-up in the home.
  • Homes may need to be re-leveled and/or re-blocked and may need to be re-anchored.  Licensed/registered manufactured home installers should complete installation rework that is required.
  • Insulated ductwork may need to be replaced and it is suggested that all metal ducts be cleaned before using to ensure the HVAC system will work properly. 
  • It is highly recommended that no interior walls be removed or relocated during repair. These walls are structural load bearing/shear walls and your home may collapse if they are removed or relocated.
  • It is also recommended that all water-damaged gypsum board, including vapor barriers, be removed and properly disposed of before being replaced.
  • Any alterations and/or corrections to homes should be completed by licensed installers or contractors.
  • Local building officials can tell you what permits are needed for repairs and ensure that all work is properly completed and inspected.
  • Clean and flush water lines if the water heater requires replacement.
 Many of the above suggestions could also apply to most site built structures.
Please see the PSC web site ( under Manufactured Housing for more information from the Missouri Manufactured Housing Department including a listing of all manufactured home manufacturers, dealers and HUD home installers.  The web site also contains default anchoring regulations for used manufactured homes under Chapter 124.  You may also contact the department at 800-819-3180 or the Missouri Manufactured Housing Association at 573-636-8660. 


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