PR-09-154 -- PSC Issues Manufactured Housing Consumer Alert

Contact: Kevin Kelly (5730 751-9300
JEFFERSON CITY—Concerned over public safety, staff from the Missouri Public Service Commission’s Manufactured Housing and Modular Units Program removed federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) labels on 13 manufactured homes in Jefferson County last week because those homes exceeded federal guidelines for formaldehyde.
The PSC staff was contacted by the Jefferson County Building and Code Enforcement Department regarding occupancy permits for the 13 homes.  Jefferson County officials had documentation that those homes were only to be sold as scrap and not to be used for housing. 
After a review of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and U.S. Governmental Services Administration (GSA) documentation and after consulting with HUD officials, the PSC removed the HUD label from each home, further signifying that the home could not be used for housing.  A home that contains a HUD label ensures that the home complies with the proper building codes and safety standards.
The PSC’s legal department also advised the owners of the mobile homes as well as the owner of the mobile home park in Jefferson County that legal action would be taken if there is any future attempt to sell, transfer or lease the contaminated homes for housing purposes.
“At this time, we have not received any information indicating that these types of homes exist elsewhere in Missouri,” said PSC Chairman Robert M. Clayton III.  “However, PSC inspectors are aware of the situation in Jefferson County and will monitor the situation to see if this problem exists elsewhere and take appropriate action.”
 “Consumers should not be concerned that this applies to all FEMA homes in Missouri,” said Ron Pleus, Director of the PSC’s Manufactured Housing and Modular Units Program.  “This situation appears to be limited to FEMA homes that may have come from disaster areas in the southeastern part of the United States.  A consumer should only be concerned if they have received a document from either FEMA or GSA that states the home is offered as scrap only and may not be used for housing.”


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