Installer Certification Overview / Program

Persons who install new manufactured homes in the State of Missouri must obtain a license from the Missouri Public Service Commission. To obtain the required license, an applicant must first have attended an approved Missouri Installer Training Class and passed the applicable examination. Approved classes are offered through the Missouri Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) at 573-636-8660 or
After completing the education requirement, each applicant for license must complete the Application for Manufactured Home Installer License and pay the $150 registration fee.
Each applicant must submit proof of insurance coverage for General Liability Insurance of $300,000.
Each applicant must submit proof of Workers Compensation Insurance or an affidavit of exemption for Workers Compensation Insurance issued by the Division of Workers Compensation.
A copy of the front sheet(s) or declaration page(s) of the General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance policy, reflecting the name of the insured, coverage amounts and coverage period, must be submitted with the application.  Installers are required to retain current insurance during the registration period and are responsible for resubmitting proof of insurance throughout the registration period should insurance expire prior.
Licenses are renewed annually beginning July 1 of each year and are valid from July 1 to June 30.
Permanent License Installers are required to obtain continuing education classes every three years after their initial certification with the Commission.  To attend these classes and/or to obtain a schedule of the classes, contact Missouri Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) at 800-392-0654.  Registration applications, insurance documentation and the $150 fee must be mailed to Missouri Public Service Commission, Manufactured Housing & Modular Units Program, P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, MO  65102.
Limited Use License Installers are required to submit the Application for Manufactured Home Installer License, proof of current Commercial General Liability and Workman's Comp insurance documentation, and the $150 fee.  Limited Use Installers are responsible for keeping their insurance current throughout the registration period. Limited Use Installer registrations are valid for 180 days and may be renewed one time.  Limited Use Installers must work with a supervising licensed installer, who must be noted on the application form.  Limited use Installers are not authorized to purchase decals.
Note: It is suggested that registration applications be mailed to the Commission.
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