Service Disconnection Reports

Commission rule 20 CSR 4240-13.075 Service Disconnection Reporting Requirements for Electric, Gas, Sewer, and Water Utilities sets forth the requirement and standards for the submission of monthly reports related to the cessation of services provided to customers by investor owned utilities that serve more than two thousand (2,000) residential customers and that are subject to the jurisdiction of the commission.

How to Search Service Disconnection Reports in EFIS

Each service disconnection report provided by a utility is publicly available for access using the Commission’s Electronic Filing and Information System (EFIS) under Existing Non-Case e-Filing & Search - EFIS (

Below you will find two print screens to assist you in your search. If you know the Tracking No., enter the tracking number into the “Tracking No.” field. Tracking numbers for this type of report start with the letters BSDR.

If you do not have a tracking number you can search reports by choosing the Submission Subtype “Service Disconnection Report (20 CSR 4240-13.075)”, and then fill out the applicable fields (i.e. Utility Type, Company, Reporting Year), then hit the “Search” button.

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