Public Service Announcements


In Case Of An Emergency

      Chairman Robert Kenney talks about how you can prepare in case the power goes out in your home or business.


Cold Weather Rule

       Chaiman Robert Kenney talks about the PSC rule that is in effect from November 1 to March 31.


Lifeline Program

     Chairman Robert Kenney talks about the federal program that offers telephone assistance.

Summer Energy Conservation Tips

Three 30-second spots from Chairman Robert Kenney that focus on ways you can save energy during the summer months.

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Hot Weather Rule

Chairman Robert Kenney talks about what the Hot Weather Rule means to utility customers.



Don't Ignore Your Utility Bill

Chairman Robert Kenney reminds customers to contact their utility company with payment questions.



Save Money -- Fix-A-Leak

       Chairman Robert Kenney on the importance of fixing household water leaks.




Always Play It Safe Around Electricity

Chairman Robert Kenney talks about being safe around electricity. It is important to remember that the same power used to make life easier can be dangerous – or even deadly.




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