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PSC Celebrates A Century Of Service

April 15 Marks Anniversary

JEFFERSON CITY---Today the Missouri Public Service Commission celebrates 100 years of service to the citizens of Missouri.  Legislation creating the Missouri Public Service Commission took effect on April 15, 1913.  The Commission replaced the Board of Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners, which was established in 1875 to regulate railroads in Missouri.
“Throughout our history, the Missouri Public Service Commission has had a major impact on the economy and the citizens of our state,” said PSC Chairman Robert Kenney.  “I am proud to serve the state as the Commission’s Chairman and am proud of the dedicated staff that we have.”
In his inaugural address given on January 13, 1913, Missouri Governor Elliott Major advocated for creation of the Public Service Commission.  The 47th General Assembly passed legislation sponsored by Carroll County Senator William Busby creating the Public Service Commission. 
At the close of the year (December 31, 1913), there were approximately 870 corporations, municipalities and individuals engaged in serving the public in some capacity that, by operation of the Public Service Commission Law, placed them under the supervision and jurisdiction of the Commission.
Today the Commission regulates investor-owned electric, natural gas, steam, telephone, and water and sewer utilities in the state.  In addition, the Commission regulates the operational safety of the state’s rural electric cooperatives and municipally owned natural gas utilities.  The Commission also regulates manufacturers and dealers of manufactured homes and modular units.

“Most of the citizens in our state receive some form of utility service from an investor-owned public utility company that is under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission,” said Kenney.  “While regulatory issues and the challenges associated with them are different today than 100 years ago, our mission remains the same as it was in 1913.  The Commission continues to work diligently to ensure that Missourians receive safe and adequate service at just and reasonable rates.”

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