Preparing for Natural Disasters and Emergencies

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) has released a Consumer Guide,
"Consumers & Catastrophes: Understanding the Impact to You, Your Family, and Your Utilities," prepared by NARUC's Committee on Consumers and the Public Interest.

"This guide empowers consumers by providing them with information to prepare for and respond to extreme weather events and other disasters before they happen, while they are occurring, and in the aftermath," said Missouri PSC Commissioner Maida Coleman, who is the chair of the NARUC Committee on Consumers and the Public Interest.

The guide is organized by disaster type and has nine appendices that can be used to highlight critical tips when they are needed. It also contains detailed information on how to develop emergency plans, food safety and how to assemble emergency kits.

Click on the Consumer Guide (at right) or the images below for information on specific topics

Supply Kit
Emergency Alerts
and Warnings
Extreme Heat
and Heat Wave
Developing an
Emergency Plan
Blizzard Utilities 101
Shutting off
and Unplugging

Cold Waves
Ice Storms

Chemical Spills
Gas Leaks



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