Make Your Voice Heard

There are several ways to make your voice heard before the Missouri Public Service Commission.
Submit Comments In Writing -- Make your voice heard in cases or on issues in front of the PSC.  Your comments are appreciated and will be kept on file with the Missouri Public Service Commission. Any information provided in the comments box will be publicly viewable. Comments should not include any personal information that you do not wish to be made public.
 Submit comments
Attend Public Hearings and Provide Testimony -- The Commission holds public hearings to provide an opportunity for ratepayers to ask questions about pending rate cases and then give sworn testimony. Providing testimony at a hearing is easy. Your statement will be transcribed by a court reporter and will be part of the official case record. Fact Sheet
Subscribe to PSC’s List Service -- You can sign up for our list service and receive PSC news releases and other information in your e-mail inbox. This list service is free. Click here to learn more.
Find Out Information About Cases Before The Commission -- The Electronic Filing and Information System (EFIS) will allow you to view case documents on-line.  Most documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) unless otherwise noted. Users can search by case number, utility, and date of filing.


Using Our Electronic Filing And Information System (EFIS)

  • If you know the number of the case you are interested in, please proceed to the Docket Sheet and click "enter" after typing in the case number.
  • If you do not know the exact case number, you can search for it by the date filed.
  • If you have questions about how to access case files, please refer to our fact sheet, How To View PSC Case Files
  • EFIS home page


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