General Review of PSC Regulations

The Missouri Public Service Commission has opened a docket (AW-2017-0336) to undertake a general review of its regulations in compliance with Executive Order 17-03. The public may offer comments about the Commission's existing regulations, as well as suggestions about how those regulations can be improved to simplify them and make them more effective, while removing any unnecessary regulatory burdens. The Commission will be accepting comments until December 31, 2017.

You may submit your comments and suggestions on the Commission's regulations by going to AW-2017-0336

The PSC also has dockets related to its:
Natural gas safety regulations GW-2017-0347;
Telecommunications regulations TW-2017-0078 or TW-2018-0098;
Small water and sewer rate case regulations AX-2018-0050; and
Cogeneration / Requirements for electric utility cogeneration tariff filings / Net metering regulations EW-2018-0078.    

You may submit comments on any of these topics by clicking on the docket numbers above.

To view a list of current PSC regulations, click here

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For more information on the PSC regulations review, please contact PSC regulations review lead Jamie Myers
For more information on Executive Order 17-03 and the statewide regulations review, please click here






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