Coronavirus & Missouri Utility Providers

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and your utility services, please contact your local utility provider.

Below is a list of Missouri Public Service Commission regulated investor-owned utility companies and websites for more information or contact your local utility provider’s customer service department.


Ameren Missouri
→Customer Service: (800) 552-7583
Empire District Electric Company (a Liberty Utilities Company)
→Customer Service: (800) 206-2300

Missouri Metro (formerly Kansas City Power & Light) →Customer Service: (888) 471-5275
Missouri West (formerly KCP&L-Greater Missouri Operations Company) →Customer Service: (888) 471-5275 

If you receive electric services from a cooperative, click here for a complete list of distribution cooperatives

Natural Gas 

Ameren Missouri
→Customer Service: (800) 552-7583
The Empire District Gas Company (A Liberty Utilities Company)
→Customer Service: (800) 206-2300

Spire Missouri, Inc. (formerly Laclede Gas / Missouri Gas Energy)
Eastern Missouri →Customer Service: (800) 887-4173
Western Missouri →Customer Service: (800) 582-1234
Liberty Utilities
→Customer Service: (800) 424-0427

Summit Natural Gas
→Customer Service: (800) 927-0787

Water / Sewer

Missouri American Water Co.
→Customer Service: (866) 430-0820
Central States Water Resources 
→Customer Service: (314) 736-4672 
Liberty Utilities
→Customer Service: (800) 206-2300

Raytown Water Co. 
→Customer Service: (816) 356-0333

If you receive utility services from a municipality, click here for a complete list of cities and municipalities 

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