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Confluence Rivers To Acquire Lake Sherwood Water And Sewer Systems


JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved, with conditions, an application filed by Confluence Rivers Utility Operating Company, Inc. (Confluence) seeking authority to acquire and operate the water and sewer systems of Lake Sherwood Estates Association (Lake Sherwood) in Warren County.  The Commission has also granted a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) to Confluence to operate the water and sewer systems, subject to certain conditions.  Lake Sherwood held an election on July 10, 2023, and voted to approve the sale of the Lake Sherwood assets.

The Commission determined: 1) There is a need for the service; 2) Confluence is qualified to provide the proposed service; 3) Confluence has the financial ability to provide the service; 4) The proposal is economically feasible; and 5) The service promotes the public interest.

“Based on the application and Staff’s recommendations, the Commission concludes that the factors for granting a certificate of convenience and necessity to Confluence have been satisfied and that, with the reasonable and necessary conditions set out by Staff,  it is in the public interest for Confluence to provide water and sewer service to Lake Sherwood,” said the Commission. 

Lake Sherwood currently charges $13.65 per month for water with an additional $4.10 per additional 1,000 gallons used.  Lake Sherwood currently charges a fixed fee of $31.52 per month for wastewater.  Confluence proposes to adopt the existing water and sewer rates for Lake Sherwood until such time as the rates are modified according to law. 

According to the application, Confluence provides water service to approximately 5,200 customers and sewer service to approximately 5,100 customers in Missouri.  Lake Sherwood provides water and sewer services to approximately 492 customers in Warren County. 



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