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PSC Sets Intervention Deadline in Ameren Missouri CCN Case

JEFFERSON CITY---Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri has filed an application with the Missouri Public Service Commission seeking a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) authorizing Ameren Missouri to construct, own, operate, maintain and otherwise control and manage a 150 megawatt (MW) solar generation facility located in White County, Illinois (referred to as the Boomtown Solar Project) pursuant to a Build Transfer Agreement (BTA) with Boomtown Solar Holdings, LLC.

Ameren Missouri also seeks: 1) authority to engage in transactions by which, through various subsidiaries, it would construct and finance the Boomtown Solar Project, including transactions under the BTA and utilizing a tax equity partnership; 2) authority to complete various mergers and asset transfers once the tax equity partnership no longer exists and a determination by the Commission that doing so is not detrimental to the public interest; 3) authority to record its investment in, and the costs to operate, the Boomtown Solar Project as described in testimony attached to the application; 4) approval of the arrangements between Ameren Missouri and its affiliates necessary to own and operate the Boomtown Solar Project upon its completion including via a tax equity partnership, including waivers of 20 CSR 4240-20.015(2) and (3) as described in the application and discussed in the attached testimony; 5) approval of the Renewable Solutions Program tariff sheets attached to the application; and 6) authority to track program revenues to ensure that they are reflected as an amortization to reduce the revenue requirement in future electric rate reviews for the benefit of all customers.

Applications to intervene and participate in this case must be filed no later than August 15, 2022, with the Secretary of the Missouri Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0360, or by using the Commission’s Electronic Filing and Information System (EFIS) at

Individual citizens wishing to comment should contact either the Office of the Public Counsel (Governor Office Building, 200 Madison Street, Suite 650, P.O. Box 2230, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-2230, telephone (866) 922-2959, email or the Public Service Commission Staff (P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102, telephone 1-800-392-4211, email The Office of the Public Counsel is a separate state agency that represents the general public in matters before the Commission.

Ameren Missouri provides electric service to approximately 1.28 million customers in Missouri.

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